Countertop Edge Profile

Why Edge Profile?

Edge profile also known as Edge finish which completes your countertops. Not just appearance but it also gives you safety while working on countertops.

Choosing an edge style becomes difficult at times when you have lot of options. Your decision may be influenced by a single simple style or combination of styles. It is something which will remain with you for the years to come. 

Countertop edges can be created at the fixing facility or at a fabrication facility before being transported to the site. The fabricator uses years of experience and technology to achieve precise shape of your choice. 

In This blog we will throw light on various edge finishes available for Countertops, Kitchen Tops, Vanity and lot of other surfaces.

We will explain in detail what edge styles you can have for your new countertop.

Standard & Superior Edge Finish

All kind of edge treatment does not fall under the same category. All edge treatment is different from another and different countertop edge profiles can be categorized as ‘standard’ or ‘Superior’ based on the level of element they have. As you can expect, Superior edges will come at a higher cost than standard edges. 

Standard Edge Finishes

Standard edge finishes can be easily spotted as they are very common for countertops in general.

Square Edge 

The straight edge is a square edge that is rounded ever so slightly to restrict the damage to the countertop and prevent the injuries. This edge finish is the simplest yet very elegant form of edge finish for any kind of countertop. Moreover it is very easy to maintain.

Half Bevel Edge